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A Training Technical Assistance Consulting Firm

Seed Consultation Services, I.LC (SCS) is a Professional Educational, and Personal Development Consulting Firm. SCS provides Training & Technical Assistance, Quality Management, Program Monitoring and Assessments for Public, Private, Faith based and Non-Profit Agencies, as well as Corporations.


Socio - Emotional Development

This capacity building workshop empower caregivers to understand the needs of infants for security

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Quality Management

This formalized system that access the agency's internal structure of its operations and identifies the gaps. This approach has been proven to be successful

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Human Resource

In this training, participants are taught via self-talk how to maintain self control, communicate, be empathetic and assertive, instill mutual acts of sharing and giving,

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This capacity building workshop provides participants with guidelines on medication

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This workshop addresses the Performance Standards as they relate to Disabilities Services and what should be included in a Disabilities Services Plan.

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This dynamic and interactive workshop is applicable if your school want large achievement gains, minimum behavioral challenges

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LAW Enforcement

This interactive and dynamic training aides law enforcement agencies increases participation knowledge of behavioral and mental capacities

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Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Building and Maintaining Positive/Effective Interpersonal Relationships

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Read it, Receive it, Believe it, and Be Empowered. Self-Talk takes a realistic look at how personal and individual feelings are formed. In fact, monitoring and changing your "self-talk" is the key to self-control. . A must read, Self-Talk challenges conventional premises and definitions regarding the formation of thoughts, perceptions and feelings.

Why Us?

  • You’ve provided us the deeper dive we need to illustrate where we were successful, how it aligns with our going-in hypotheses and how we should construct mailing list for Q1. Really nice job. Thanks.
  • I wanted to take this opportunity and appreciate the hard work Seed senior analyst has put in getting campaign out of the door. This was especially challenging given short turnaround time. Also I would like to extend him 2 days off work in lieu of all the late hours he had put in over past few weeks
  • I just wanted to let you know that your team has been doing a tremendous job on our requests. They are turning things around quickly, coming up with approaches and suggestions on their own and are truly partnering with us on different initiatives. We are deeply appreciative of all their effort and engagement